House management


Real estate needs to manage revenues and costs arising from the operation of real estate. In order to optimize the control of funds, our services include the regular maintenance of the financial table of payment of bills, as well as books of income and expenses. We provide all possible assistance to our clients in matters related to cost optimization.


Include regular communication with various authorities and subjects, such as:

  • tax authorities,
  • utility structures (electricity, gas, water, sewage),
  • communication services (telephone, internet, television),
  • security services (alarm, video surveillance, security),
  • construction organizations (architects, designers, geometers),
  • insurance institutions (real estate, transportation, health),
  • garden and pool maintenance staff, maids, drivers.
  • It also includes control of correspondence, translation into Russian of necessary documentation, execution of contracts, coordination and payment of bills, etc.

All received documents are studied, classified and archived. Each waste item becomes subject to accountability to the owner.


Calculations of all taxes and obligatory payments.

Tax advice is made

Preparation of mandatory annual tax returns.


We collaborate with designers and italian buyers to have oportunity help our clients furnishing his house.


If it is necessary to perform repair or construction work on the property, it is simply impossible to overestimate the construction supervision of the work performed.

It is important to emphasize that we have successfully completed several dozen reconstruction projects with designers, designers and architects. Our level of professionalism allows us to carefully select personnel and suppliers, as well as manage projects in an integrated manner.


For those who know how to appreciate their precious time, we offer the services of a reliable personal assistant. Finding any information and ordering various services, such as renting transport, housing, medical services, shopping tours, excursions with the best guides, booking restaurants, hotels, tickets with the help of a professional will provide you with huge savings of valuable time.


These are planned and agreed with the owner visits to regularly check the condition of the object, diagnose its communications and comply with security measures. The owner feels confident, regularly receiving checklists with the results of checks and photographs.

By maintaining constant communication with utilities and contractors, we establish strong relationships, thanks to which they continue to fulfill their obligations in a quality manner. The key objective of this work is to avoid and prevent any unforeseen situations. If this nevertheless happened, we are able to solve it as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.


We are engaged in staff recruitment:

  • governess;
  • chefs;
  • maids;
  • security;
  • personal drivers.

We carefully select staff and offer you the best staff with good recommendations and with solid experience.