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Taxes related to real estate in Italy

Taxes related to real estate in Italy   Property tax (IMU). Calculated by the accountant on the basis of the percentage of the cadastral value of the object. The percentage is set annually by the municipality and depends on the…

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Property Insurance in Italy

There is no compulsory home insurance in Italy. But do not underestimate the value of insurance for your home, even if you live in it quite a bit. It is housing, which does not live permanently, the most exposed to…

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Selection of domestic staff

Selection of domestic staff Our agency helps in the selection of proven professional and respectable housework workers: • housekeepers • cleaners • gardeners • cooks • nannies • tutors • sport instructors •… We’ll verify resumes, references and staff history.…

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Construction works

Construction works is always a big responsibility for the owner of the house. After all, it is not enough to simply assign the task to perform a particular work, and then simply accept it and pay for it. It is…

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Residency permit

Residency permit We assist our clients in obtaining a residence permit in Italy. To issue it, you should collect a package of documents and meet certain conditions. Registration of residence permit begins in Russia, with a special visa (type D)…

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Important – to the owners of the house

Important – to the owners of the house. Briefly about taxes and fees. Owners of housing in Italy need to remember that the responsibility for paying all taxes and necessary fees lies with the property owner. Therefore, it is very…

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