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Construction works

Construction works is always a big responsibility for the owner of the house.

After all, it is not enough to simply assign the task to perform a particular work, and then simply accept it and pay for it.

It is necessary to know which construction company in the area is better to apply for the execution of certain works, what documents are needed for registration.

You need to be able to properly agree on the terms of implementation of works and forms of payment, so that if necessary you can make adjustments to the construction process.

For major construction and repair work, we always recommend our clients to draw up a competent contract agreement in order not to be held hostage by terms and quality from our own contractor.

Nor can one underestimate the importance of skillful coordination of work requiring joint actions by various companies and specialists.

We know all the “pitfalls” of construction work on the territory of Versilia and are able to provide our Customers with invaluable assistance in the organization, supervision and calculations for construction.

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